Overhead structures

Overhead Structures

Enjoy the great outdoors without being carried away

Whether poolside or not, outdoor rooms greatly contribute to making outdoor areas inviting and useful as well as offering an exclusive retreat in a serene setting. These outdoor living areas often contain luxurious items such as a refrigerator, icemaker, bar amenities, kitchen, pizza oven, barbeque grill, fire place, fire pits, sofa, bed, spa and meditation area.

Everything’s bigger in Texas…including those pesky mosquitos!  We have just the thing for you to be able to enjoy the great outdoors without being carried away – mosquito defense screens! Install fans and a misting system to combat those brutal Texas summers. 

In order to enjoy your outdoor living space year round, consider installing infratech heaters to keep the bitter cold at bay. Outdoor living rooms provide places for you and your guests to relax, enjoy mother nature, and create unforgettable memories for many years to come.

Detached Covered patio with arbor

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