Landscape Design & Installation

Nature-ally Weisz

Concept to completion

Our team provides unique landscape designs and knowledgeable information regarding specific plants, trees and materials best suited and available to incorporate into our clients’ master plans. We offer designs that integrate our clients’ preferences and reflect their styles & tastes, whether they be simple or extravagant, rustic or elegant, natural or formal, contemporary or traditional. Landscaping and pool landscaping projects across Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Gunter and the surrounding areas of North Texas are managed by professional, experienced staff members from conception to completion, focusing on quality and attention to detail.
top view of landscaping for a house

Tree, Shrub & Flower Installation

Our design team often meets with clients at the nursery to guide them in choosing plants to integrate into their landscape plan so their desired appearance is achieved. We utilize a variety of vegetation types, including perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees into our designs. In order to enjoy landscape year-round, we encourage homeowners to incorporate plants that bloom at differing times of the year. A lush landscape attracts many beautiful birds and butterflies, bringing mother nature up close and personal for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, it can also attract “wascally wabbits” that thoroughly enjoy munching on your newly installed flora. In that case…have we got a solution for you – critter fencing! See, we can help you with flora and fauna, so call us today!

Mulch Installation

Spruce up your existing landscape by installing a fresh layer of mulch. There are numerous benefits of putting mulch in your landscaped beds besides the obvious, which is beautifying your landscape. The necessity to conserve water due to drought and city water restrictions here in Texas is very important. Mulch naturally retains moisture and helps slow down evaporation. Putting a 2-4-inch layer of mulch in your landscaped beds conserves our world’s most precious resource and reduces that pesky water bill.

Mulch creates a natural barrier that protects your plants’ delicate root systems from harsh elements such as excessive rain and wind. It also persuades earthworms to make their homes in your landscaped areas, which improves soil quality. Mulch aids in weed control by limiting the amount of sunlight that is able to reach the weeds. If you would like to start enjoying the many advantages of having mulch installed in your landscaped beds, don’t wait – contact us today!


“Low maintenance” is often the request of property owners in Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Gunter and the surrounding areas of North Texas when discussing their landscape and pool landscape designs. If you also prefer a low maintenance option for your landscaping, then xeriscaping is a great method to consider because it utilizes drought-tolerant plants and native species. Indigenous plants have a natural resistance to local pests and thrive in the familiar soils and typical weather conditions. Incorporating these native species into your landscape design reduces the need for watering, fertilizing and pesticide applications.

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