Fire & Water Features

Water and fire

Providing soothing sounds & stunning visual effects

Water and fire are two of the most calming and captivating elements on the planet. Let Weisz Selection integrate one or both features into your pool design. Whether it’s small fountains or multi-tiered stone waterfalls, the soothing sound of water falling adds dimension, tranquility, and beauty to any project. Integrated with lighting, water features can truly provide stunning visual effects. Adding fire features creates another striking visual effect as well as adding year-round warmth and enjoyment. Our team can show you how these features can instantly transform any pool into the focal point of your entire property.

poolscapes with lighting and firepit
water splash
Geometric pool design

Fire & Water Bowls


poolscapes watefall flowing over rock ledge
Poolscape boulder waterfall

Boulder Waterfalls

Sheer Descents

poolscapes tall waterfall with firepit
poolscapes freeform design

Scuppers & Fountains​

Deck Jets

Rain Curtains

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