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Sod Installation


If your turf has bare patches, thin areas, dying or dead spots you might want to consider replacing it. Some homeowners opt for reseeding their yards, but many choose to lay new sod. Sod offers many advantages over a reseeded lawn when dealing with the issues listed above. Sod is grown professionally under optimum conditions, making it weed-free and hardy. The grass shoots are sown closely together, which eliminates bare patches and makes it difficult for weed seeds to germinate in new installations.

NOTE: If you are experiencing the turf problems mentioned above, we recommend having your lawn checked and treated for possible presence of pests, such as grubworms, or disease. 

There are several different types of sod to choose from. Types of sod commonly used in the north Texas area include: Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and Buffalo. Choosing the sod that is best for your lawn depends on several factors: 1) type of existing turf, 2) size & location of new sod installation, 3) amount of sunlight in area, 4) type of existing soil, 5) exposure to traffic.

If you are interested in new sod installation, contact us today to have our technician come out to examine your lawn and make recommendations regarding which sod will transform your lawn from less than acceptable to exceeding your expectations.