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Shrub & Tree Trimming & Removal

Pruning of shrubs should be done on a regular basis because it maintains their natural or desired shape and prevents over growth.  Major trimming of shrubs and trees should be done during dormancy to prevent unnecessary stress on the trees. Therefore, we typically provide this service during the winter months. There are numerous benefits to trimming shrubs and trees including the following:

  • Removing dead, dying or diseased branches improves over-all health of tree and decreases dangerous low hanging branches and/or falling limbs
  • Helps prevent entrance and spread of disease and/or pests
  • Increases air circulation within the branches
  • Allows sunlight to penetrate more surface area of leaves as well as reaching more of the lawn/landscape below tree’s canopy
  • Promotes new healthy growth

NOTE: Check your city’s requirements; some cities require their residents to maintain their tree canopies at a certain height, especially when the trees are located along sidewalks, alleyways and streets.

Removal of unsightly, overgrown and/or unwanted shrubs and trees by our experienced and safe crews can be scheduled once an estimate has been approved.