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Mulch Installation

Spruce up your existing landscape by installing a fresh layer of mulch.  There are numerous benefits of putting mulch in your landscaped beds besides the obvious, which is beautifying your landscape.  The necessity to conserve water due to drought and city water restrictions here in Texas is very important. Mulch naturally retains moisture and helps slow down evaporation.  Putting a 2-4 inch layer of mulch in your landscaped beds conserves our world’s most precious resource, as well as reduces that pesky water bill.

Mulch creates a natural barrier that protects your plant’s delicate root systems from harsh elements such as excessive rain and wind.  It also persuades earthworms to make their home in your landscaped areas which improves soil quality.  Mulch aids in weed control by limiting the amount of sunlight that is able to reach weeds.  If you would like to start enjoying the many advantages of having mulch installed in your landscaped beds, don’t wait, contact us today!