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Irrigation Installation

Irrigation System Design, Renovation & Installation-

Are you tired of hand watering your lawn & landscape, or dragging that pesky hose around? If so, then you might want to consider installing a sprinkler system that takes all the hassle and guess work out of watering your lawn and landscape year round.  As you know, water is an essential element to the growth and overall health of your turf and decorative vegetation. An automatic sprinkler system, when accurately designed, installed, programmed and maintained, provides the correct amount of precipitation at proper times.  Sensors that measure evapotranspiration and moisture to determine runtime and prevent watering during freezing temperatures and rainfall is also an advantage of an irrigation system. An alternative option to spray irrigation is drip irrigation, which loses only 10% of water to evaporation. No matter which system you choose, the precision watering of a professionally installed irrigation system is a long-term economical way to conserve water, increase property values and eliminate hassle. Our experienced irrigation technicians are ready to simplify your lawn and landscape care. Just contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance-

If your irrigation system is not working properly, no matter how much you water, the lawn and landscape suffers, and water is wasted. We recommend monthly/bi-monthly irrigation check-ups to prevent unnecessary issues. Our company offers full system check ups, diagnosis and programming for customers that prefer to have professionals maintaining their irrigation.

There are several noticeable things that should alert you that repairs and/or maintenance of your irrigation system is needed. They are as follows:

  • Sprinkler head spraying water onto the sidewalk, driveway or road
  • Spray nozzle missing, not operating, reduced water flow, or clogged
  • Poor distribution pattern or blockage by grass, shrubbery or trees
  • Sprinkler head bubbling or gushing water out the top
  • Sprinkler head no longer straight up and down
  • Sprinkler creates a cloud of mist versus spraying
  • Dry lawn and/or landscape areas or poor coverage
  • Water bubbling, dripping or gushing all the time
  • Puddles of standing water in your yard or along sidewalk/road
  • Runoff occurs before adequate water applied
  • Area along road, driveway or sidewalk stays too dry
  • Patches of greener or faster growing areas

If you notice any of the problems above with your system, don’t hesitate: contact us today!